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All About Einstein

Daniel Kennefick, associate professor of physics at the University of Arkansas and leading Albert Einstein scholar, has co-authored a new book on the scientist known as the “Father of Relativity.” An Einstein Encyclopedia coincides with the centennial anniversary of Einstein’s famous discovery in November 1915, the theory of general relativity. Kennefick coauthored the book with fellow Einstein experts Alice Calaprice, who has written several books on Einstein, and Robert Schulmann, former director of the Einstein Papers Project. The trio used their knowledge gained on the scientist during their work on the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein. “The book is...

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Exploring Materials for a New Electronic Generation

As the processing capability of the silicon chip reaches its limits in today’s technology, scientists are speeding toward the discovery of new materials that will power the next generation of electronic devices. Hugh Churchill has joined the race. Churchill, an assistant professor of physics at the University of Arkansas, studies the basic physical properties of two-dimensional materials, which consist of a single layer of atoms. “Our ability to further shrink silicon devices is coming to an end, so progress and new capabilities will have to come from ideas other than shrinking,” Churchill said. “This may include devices that are flexible...

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Saw What? The Saw-whets Are Back

The northern saw-whet owls are back. For the second consecutive fall, Mitchell Pruitt, an Honors College student, and Kimberly Smith, Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, have captured and banded northern saw-whet owls at the Ozark Natural Science Center in Madison County, continuing their research on migratory patterns of these elusive, tiny owls. Pruitt and Smith captured and documented just two adult females in 2014. This fall they captured, banded and released 22 northern saw-whets, which have been rarely seen in Arkansas since the mid-1950s. In one night they captured five of the pint-sized owls, which can fit in the palm of...

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Predicting a New Energy Frontier

Researchers at the University of Arkansas will use a $374,621 federal grant to investigate fundamental properties of materials that are considered key to advances in energy generation, storage and conversion. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which commissions advanced research for the U.S. Department of Defense, awarded the grant to an international research team led by Laurent Bellaiche, Distinguished Professor of physics at the U of A. The researchers will focus on developing, implementing and using predictive computational methods to advance the understanding of ferroelectric and multiferroic perovskite oxides, which are materials that convert one form of energy into...

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Show Me the Rails

In August the Research Frontiers blog highlighted Auriel Fournier’s summer field research in Saskatchewan, Canada, where she banded and measured captured rails as part of a project to better understand how the elusive wetland birds migrate. This fall, Auriel, a doctoral candidate with the Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit in the Department of Biological Sciences, has turned her attention to her ongoing fieldwork in Missouri. Auriel and her technicians head out at night on all-terrain vehicles in wetlands across the Show Me State, to document the response of rails to different management decisions. This is her fourth fall field...

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