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Graphine, the 2-Dimensional Powerhouse   Short Talks From The Hill is a podcast highlighting research and scholarly work across the University of Arkansas campus. Each segment features a university researcher discussing his or her work. In this episode, Paul Thibado, professor of physics in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, discusses graphene, a two-dimensional material that is a mere single atom in thickness, and its potential role in the development of next-generation of electronic devices. Chris Branam: Hello and welcome to Short Talks from the Hill, a podcast from the University of Arkansas.  I’m Chris Branam. On this episode, Paul...

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Non-Flammable Graphene Membrane Developed for Safe Mass Production

University of Arkansas researchers have discovered a simple and scalable method for turning graphene oxide into a non-flammable and paper-like graphene membrane that can be used in large-scale production. “Due to their mechanical strength and excellent charge and heat conductivities, graphene-based materials have generated enormous excitement,” said Ryan Tian, associate professor of inorganic chemistry in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. “But high flammability jeopardizes the material’s promise for large-scale manufacturing and wide applications.” This characteristic of graphene has been an obstacle to further development and commercialization. However, this new discovery  makes it possible to safely...

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Physicists Create Artificial ‘Graphene’

An international group of physicists led by the University of Arkansas has created an artificial material with a structure comparable to graphene, one of the strongest, lightest and most conductive materials known. “We’ve basically created the first artificial graphene-like structure with transition metal atoms in place of carbon atoms,” said Jak Chakhalian, professor of physics and director of the Artificial Quantum Materials Laboratory at the U of A. Graphene, discovered in 2004, is a one-atom-thick sheet of graphite. Graphene transistors are predicted to be substantially faster and more heat tolerant than today’s silicon transistors and may result in more...

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