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Violin Professor Discusses Florence Price Preservation Project in ‘New Short Talks From the Hill’

Short Talks From The Hill, a podcast from the University of Arkansas, highlights research and scholarly work across campus. Each segment features a university researcher discussing his or her work. DeLani Bartlette: Hello and welcome to Short Talks From the Hill, a podcast from the University of Arkansas. My name is DeLani Bartlette. On this episode, Er-Gene Kahng, graduate chair of violin in the music department discusses her work on the Florence Price Preservation Project, which aims to bring previously overlooked composer’s works to a wider audience. Welcome Er-Gene. Er-Gene Kahng: Thank you. DB: So, would you talk a...

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Ability to Perceive Perfect Pitch Is More Common Than Previously Thought

New research finds that perception of absolute pitch in music is far more common that previously thought, challenging conventional wisdom that the ability to detect perfect pitch is rare. University of Arkansas music professor Elizabeth Margulis and two colleagues at Tel Aviv University in Israel published their findings this month in the journal Music Perception. A classic study in music psychology established that most people make sense of music in terms of relative pitch, or where notes are placed in relation to a central note. The corollary notion has been that only a few people – one in 10,000...

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Making Sense of Music Through Repetitition   Short Talks From The Hill” is a podcast highlighting research and scholarly work across the University of Arkansas campus. Each segment features a university researcher discussing his or her work. In this episode, Elizabeth Margulis, professor of music and director of the Music Cognition Lab in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Science, discusses how we make sense of music through repetition. Elizabeth Margulis: Today, I want to talk about repetition in music. Specifically, how does repetition help define music? I believe that when we hear something as music, we aren’t so much listening to it...

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Margulis Builds Bridge to Past With Sordino Pedal

Jura Margulis has collaborated with German manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne to return the sordino pedal to the grand piano. He introduced the piano prototype at Musikmesse, the world’s leading fair for music instruments and live music. Margulis calls the pedal “a bridge to the past.” “Hayden, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, they were all familiar with the sordino pedal and used it when they composed,” Margulis said. “It is arcing back to the fortepianos of the older times. When you play this augmented instrument, you have the full range of the modern concert grand and you have a second piano under your hands. It’s not just softer; it is different. You can play with an enriched overtone mixture. You can also play articulations that Schubert wrote that you can’t play on the modern grand. “We don’t play exactly what he wrote in many places in the compositions because it is not doable with the modern concert grand,” he said. “With this pedal, it is.” Noted pianist Martha Argerich wrote, “The Margulis Sordino Pedal is a very important, interesting and inspiring invention. Sound is the soul of music. The sound of the piano increased in colour and capacity – a desire of every pianist. The MSP may very well be the future of piano construction. Bravo!” Jura Margulis, Emily J. McAllister Endowed Professorship in Piano Department of Music, Fulbright College of...

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It’s Opera, It’s Theater, It’s Ballet … On A Football Field

When watching a good marching band morph from one figure into another during halftime, it’s easy to forget all of the work that goes into making an intricate art and science look effortless. “That’s what makes it fun,” said W. Dale Warren, professor of music and senior wind band conductor. “When it’s done well, the marching drill becomes an extension of the music. We enhance and interpret the music for our audience.” Warren has been helping people “see the music” since he was a sophomore in high school. “I stumbled into it, really,” he said. “My high school band...

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