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Pay Transparency: Walton College Professor Studies How, When It Works

The work I do provides many opportunities to learn new words, but what I really enjoy is being introduced to a word that immediately explains a concept or phenomenon that everyone knows about and yet doesn’t have a word for. It happens almost every time I start a new project. The most recent example is “transparency,” a word I associate with openness or ethical practices or behavior in government and business. In a study published in Strategic Management Journal and discussed recently in the Harvard Business Review, Jason Ridge, assistant professor of management in the Sam M. Walton College of Business, and co-authors Aaron...

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Research Shows Growing Conflict-of-Interest Problem in Congress

From 2005 to 2010, the average S&P 500 firm had seven members of Congress who owned stock in the firm, and some companies had closer to 100 members owning stock, according to a new study co-authored by a management professor at the University of Arkansas. The study also found that firms in which a greater percentage of lawmakers invest in a given year performed significantly better the subsequent year. “Each percentage of congressional membership owning stock was worth about a 1 percent improvement in return on assets,” said Jason Ridge, assistant professor of management in Sam M. Walton College...

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The Role of Emotion and Emotion Regulation in Job Stress and Well Being

The Role of Emotion and Emotion Regulation in Job Stress and Well Being, edited by Pamela L. Perrewe, Jonathan Halbesleben and Christopher Rosen, includes essays examining approaches to emotion regulation at work with sections on the military and service work in particular. It is released by Emerald Group Publishing as part of the series Research in Occupational Stress and...

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Accounting Information Systems

In Accounting Information Systems, Vernon Richardson, Chengyee Chang and Rod Smith explain the roles of accountants in various aspects of information technology, including as users, managers, designers and evaluators. Unlike the broad survey offered by previous books, this text concentrates on real-world business analysis skills. It is published by McGraw...

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