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Study Links Climate Variation and Natural Selection

An international team of biologists, led by University of Arkansas assistant professor Adam Siepielski, has published research indicating that climate variation likely plays a key role in shaping natural selection, the driver of adaptive evolution, among plants and animals in the wild. “Previous evidence from other studies indicated that climate variation might be really important,” Siepielski said. “We wanted to know if we could explain variation in selection across diverse plant and animal populations through a few simple climate variables. It turns out that, yes, we can.” Twenty biologists from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia participated in...

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Angling for Answers

When Chris Middaugh wades into a stream with his fishing pole and catches a smallmouth bass, it’s usually not for sport. It’s for science. Chris, a doctoral student in the Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit in the Department of Biological Sciences, is studying the potential effects of climate change on smallmouth bass in Arkansas. “Specifically, I’m looking at how differing flow- and temperature-related conditions across stream types could affect smallmouth bass body condition and diet,” said Middaugh, who spent the last two summers collecting and measuring the fish in rivers and streams in the Natural State’s Ozark...

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What Trees Can Tell Us About the Amazon

Weather in the Amazon has been a little crazy lately. Two of the most severe droughts in a century of weather record keeping in the area happened in 2005 and 2010, while western Amazonia had record flooding in 2012. Maybe wild weather swings are a frequent occurrence in the most biodiverse place on earth, maybe not. Right now there’s no way to tell, because the climate records only go back about 100 years. David Stahle, a distinguished professor in the U of A’s Department of Geosciences, wants to change that by studying trees there. Stahle and co-researcher Song Feng,...

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