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Resurrecting a Ghost Town

Davidsonville was little more than dirt and folklore for generations. That changed when the Arkansas Archeological Survey began excavations at the state park in northeast Arkansas that bears the town’s name. Davidsonville was founded in 1816 but abandoned in 1829. Davidsonville came back to life in recent years when the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies at the University of Arkansas used historical documentation, found artifacts and foundation remains to digitally re-create some of the town’s significant structures to scale. The CAST project, known as Davidsonville Interactive, features seven core structures: a post office – the first in what became...

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Researching Roman Treasure

Main image courtesy Alex W. Barker, director, University of Missouri Museum of Art and Archaeology Why are University of Arkansas researchers studying ancient Roman ceramics at the University of Missouri? The answer involves one of the most important museums in Rome, a power company, a research reactor, and Rachel Opitz, a research associate at the University of Arkansas’ Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies who specializes in high-resolution 3-D imaging. Hidden Treasure of Rome, a collaboration of the Capitoline Museum and the University of Missouri, is providing information about 2,000- to 2,400-year-old artifacts in the Capitoline’s collection. These objects, stored in the museum...

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Sands of Science

“Watch what happens when I do this,” says Malcolm Williamson as he demonstrates a feature of the augmented reality sandbox in the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) at the University of Arkansas. Malcolm holds his hands a few feet above the sandy surface. A couple of seconds later, the color blue – created by visualization software and an overhead projector – appears on the sand. He’s making it rain. The sand isn’t actually blue, but neither is it orange, yellow and green – colors that also are cast onto the sand by the software and projector. The sandbox has become...

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