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Study Links Climate Variation and Natural Selection

An international team of biologists, led by University of Arkansas assistant professor Adam Siepielski, has published research indicating that climate variation likely plays a key role in shaping natural selection, the driver of adaptive evolution, among plants and animals in the wild. “Previous evidence from other studies indicated that climate variation might be really important,” Siepielski said. “We wanted to know if we could explain variation in selection across diverse plant and animal populations through a few simple climate variables. It turns out that, yes, we can.” Twenty biologists from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia participated in...

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Damselflies in Distress

Crouched on the shore of Lake Wilson, University of Arkansas biologist Adam Siepielski looked closely into a clear plastic cup. Inside was a female damselfly – a winged insect that is similar to the dragonfly but is smaller and has a slimmer body. “See that little dot on her abdomen? That’s a mite,” Siepielski said, turning the cup slightly for a better view. The mite had attached itself to the damselfly as a parasite. Siepielski, an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, is studying the parasitic relationship between the insect and the tiny arthropod. He hopes the...

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The Diversity of Damselflies

As an evolutionary ecologist, Adam Siepielski is interested in combining evolutionary and ecological studies to understand what shapes the diversity and abundance of species in an environment. “One of the most important biological questions is why there are often so many ecologically very similar species found together in an environment,” said Siepielski, an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. “Given the recent uptick in species extinction rates and thus loss of species diversity on this planet, understanding how biodiversity can be maintained has gained a sense of urgency on the part of biologists.” Siepielski is in the...

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