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Students in the Field

Students in the Field

Students in Peter Ungar and Steven Beaupre’s study abroad class, Tanzania: Ecology, Evolution & Peoples of East Africa take time in Zanzibar to talk about lessons learned in the field. #HogsAbroad

Q: What did this experience teach you?

Mark Howard:  This program has not only been an incredible ecological experience by being able to see the different national parks and the wildlife within, but it has also been a life-changing cultural experience. Being able to dig to our cultural roots with the hunter and gatherer Hadzabe people gives a sense of “home” to Tanzania. I have also become aware of how fortunate we are to live in America. Regardless of whatever political, social, or economic issues plague our nation, we are all extremely lucky to have grown up in such a privileged part of the world. On this program, I’ve made memories that I’ll never forget with people I’ll never forget.image2[1]

Leslie Baldwin: I have learned an incredible amount on the Tanzanian trip. Walking down into the beds at Olduvai Gorge, I began piecing together the lives and behaviors of our ancient ancestors. While learning about wildlife and biodiversity in the vast savannas and rain forests in Gombe, I can appreciate where humanity is today and the responsibility we have to conserve ecosystems. It has been an amazing experience and I hope to contribute to the increasing concern of studying our past and its ability to shape our future. 

Rachel Walton: This trip has been very educational in many different aspects. There is so much diversity in Tanzania, and the diversity is in the cultural aspect as well as the ecological aspect.  Being an Anthropology student having the chance to go to Olduvai was incredible it’s one thing to read about an area such as Olduvai it’s completely amazing and even better to visit and see where all of these amazing discoveries were made. This entire trip has opened my eyes and helped me to understand more about culture and all the different cultures that simply reading about in a book wouldn’t have given me the same understanding or knowledge. image5

Taylor Miller: This experience had already taught me so much. Being a nursing major I was more interested in the travel aspect of the trip than the classroom aspect. However I learned so much, in regard to both areas. I have discovered how incredibly beautiful Tanzania is and how rich the country is in biodiversity. For me, the most incredible part of this study abroad program is learning about the different cultures and meeting the peoples of East Africa. I have enjoyed the professors and the students; having educational discussions at the dinner table and learning from each other. I hope that the program continues for years to come. 

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