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Research Magazine Association Conference Comes to Arkansas

Research Magazine Association Conference Comes to Arkansas

The University of Arkansas hosted the University Research Magazine Association in May. Thirty-five people from as far away as Hawaii and London, England, came to campus to learn from other editors and writers and share their experiences.

Many of the visitors came early and enjoyed a trip to the Buffalo National River.

Speakers included Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Deborah Blum, who spoke about narrative non-fiction and about covering animal research in research magazines; Carl Zimmer, blogger, book author and journalist who spoke about how do decide which story to use in which medium; Dale Keiger, associate editor of Johns Hopkins Magazine, who spoke about best practices in editing and writing; Will Gisler of the University of Arkansas, who spoke about telling stories through video; Jennifer Bogo, science editor at Popular Mechanics, who spoke about how to tell unlikely stories; Andrea Gibson and Tina Ullman of Ohio University, who spoke about integrating good writing with design; Kyle Kellams of KUAF, who spoke about the art of the interview; and Josh Chamot of the National Science Foundation, who spoke about the online research magazine Mosaic, which will be up and running this fall.

Guests also got a feel for university research by experiencing the ground shaking from an earthquake simulator, touring the houses of E. Fay Jones and visiting virtual reality laboratories that take people inside a protein and back to ancient Pompeii.

Photo by Russell Cothren

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