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Prevention of Workplace Violence for Nurses

Prevention of Workplace Violence for Nurses

When health care organizations donors establish effective measures to prevent violence and protect nurses, the result is compromised quality of care for patients. Establishing a zero tolerance policy for violence is the first step, according to health science researcher Jean Henry.

Henry and Gregory O. Ginn of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, lay out the issues and actions administrators can take to provide a safe and functioning health care facility in “Prevention of Workplace Violence,” a chapter in Leadership and Nursing Care Management, edited by Diane Huber.

“There has to be an organizational culture established that has a zero tolerance policy for violence,” Henry said. “When it comes to protecting health care workers, administrators must make it clear that they won’t tolerate any violence – verbal or physical – against workers.”

Such a commitment sets the tone for developing policies and procedures to ensure a safe workplace. Henry and Ginn emphasize the importance of implementing a risk-management system throughout health care facilities to protect people and property from violence and prevent problems.

The goal, Henry said, is an organizational culture characterized as “caring, trusting and collaborative.”

In addition to assessing the risks and making changes in policies, procedures and physical environment to protect against violence, health care administrators need to develop procedures for responding to incidents of violence that both support the victim and lead to improvements in the workplace.

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