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Perception and Basic Beliefs: Zombies, Modules and the Problem of the External World

Jack C. Lyons

Oxford University Press

Perception and Basic Beliefs: Zombies, Modules and the Problem of the External World, by Jack C. Lyons, associate professor of philosophy, has been published by Oxford University Press. In it Lyons offers solutions to two closely related problems in epistemology. One problem involves the difference between seeing that something is the case and believing it on the basis of what we do see. The second problem is that of specifying which beliefs are epistemologically basic; that is, which beliefs are directly or non-inferentially justified and which are not. Lyons offers an externalist theory, arguing that what makes a belief a basic belief or a perceptual belief is determined by the nature of the cognitive system, or module, that produced the beliefs. He develops a general theory of basic beliefs and argues that perceptual beliefs are a species of basic beliefs. Perception and Basic Beliefs provides a positive solution to the traditional problem of the external world.

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