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Lofty Dogmas: Poets on Poetics

Lofty Dogmas: Poets on Poetics

Lofty Dogmas: Poets on Poetics

Edited by Deborah Brown, Annie Finch, Maxine Kumin
University of Arkansas Press

Three noted poets – Deborah Brown, Annie Finch and Maxine Kumin — have joined forces to compile a body of work that reflects the views of poets on poetry. The 102 selections span eras, ethnicities and esthetics, reaching back in time to the Greeks and Romans and drawing on Chaucer, Shakespeare, Sidney and Milton, then on to Shelley, Keats Coleridge and Poe, then Hopkins, Yeats, Eliot, Rilke and Pound, concluding with contemporary poets such as Hall, Clifton, Mackey, Kunitz and Rukeyser.

The book is divided into three sections: “Musing,” concerning issues of inspiration; “Making,” involving issues of craft, from diction and meter to persona and voice; and “Mapping,” the role of poetry and the poet in everyday life.

Notes at the beginning of each selection provide background information on the poet and commentary on the significance of the selection. The book also includes an appendix with a listing of essays arranged according to specific topics.

Brown is an author and English professor at the University of New Hampshire. Finch is an author and professor at the University of Southern Maine. Kumin is a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet who lives in New Hampshire.

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