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U of A Researchers Lead Consortium Studying Genetics of Heat-Tolerant Rice

 U of A researchers are working to identify the natural genetic variation in rice that allows the plant to produce high-quality grain in an environment of rising temperatures.

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Tiny but Mighty: Harvesting Limitless Power

What if there were a limitless energy source that meant you need never again change a battery in a watch, phone or pacemaker? Paul Thibado has found that source in graphene. 

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Wood Going to Mexico City to Study Effects of Earthquake

Last week’s magnitude 7.1 earthquake near Puebla, Mexico, killed and injured hundreds of people and caused widespread damage to structures in Mexico City, despite the epicenter being more than 70 miles from the capital. Civil engineering professor Clint Wood, a...
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Considering Community in Teacher Development

Researchers found that the communities created by teachers in professional development activities presented opportunities for critical engagement, but also led to moments of tension. In their study, they examined these two themes and presented suggestions for balancing them.




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Deep Revolution in the Arkansas Ozarks: Phillips Discusses ‘Hipbillies’

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