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Putting the Squeeze on Pomace

Left to right, Keerthi Srinivas and Jerry King use a modified expeller to extract antioxidants from grape pomace; Grape pomace is made up of leftover skin, seeds and stems The United States juice and wine industries produce 10 to 15 million tons of grape waste each year. This waste, known as pomace, is usually sent to landfills, fed to livestock or used to make a renewable biofuel. But a group of researchers at the Engineering Research Center and the department of food science think there may be a better use for the leftover grape skin, seeds and stems. The...

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Going Cocoa

In the West African country of Ghana, millions of dollars are being poured in to train the government and farmers to help pull the country out of poverty. Thousands of miles away in Fayetteville, Ark., University of Arkansas student Mike Norton applies his skills and experiences to supporting programs to increase crop yields and improve lives. Norton, a junior in the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, has recently been awarded a Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship grant to continue this research. In the fall of 2010, Norton attended a lecture about development in low-income countries by...

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A Different View

One student’s perspective on changing a visually impaired world. Students on campus are working on projects covering a vast range of topics from trying to unlock the mysteries of the universe to prolonging the shelf life of meat. Elizabeth Phillips, a recent architecture graduate, worked on something closer to home and even closer to her heart. Her honor’s thesis project was aimed at helping those with visual impairments navigate more easily through spaces, such as sporting arenas and convention centers. It is something that Elizabeth herself has difficulty with. “I, myself, have a visual impairment that really affects my...

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Magnifying A Distinct Badge of Honor

For almost a decade the war in the Middle East has been in full force. Countless news entities have given the world a dose of the chaos millions undergo, but through the media we only learn a thin layer of the reality. While many of us are chatting with an old friend on Facebook or enjoying a relaxing jog at the park, the lives of thousands of soldiers are either ending abruptly or are spiraling down a black hole that will take them to a state of physical, emotional and psychological trauma beyond what they ever imagined. Some research...

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Got Burgoni?

  Researchers Try to Prolong Shelf Life of Meat Using Fruit. Animal science major Nathan Tapp has found that a Tahitian fruit could be the key to revolutionizing the meat packaging industry. His research shows that adding noni (Morinda citrifolia) pulp to ground beef patties prevents them from discoloring as quickly, which extends the shelf-life of the meat by about two days. “This could save grocery chains millions of dollars each year,” Tapp said. Ground beef usually shows discoloring, or starts turning brown, after 36 hours, and consumers won’t buy meat after it has a 30 percent discoloration, according...

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