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Becoming Visible Through Storytelling

U of A faculty, students and alumni contribute to the Northwest Arkansas Prison Story Project. 

A Deep Look at Earth's Carbon

For something so central to our existence, it’s surprising how little we knew about the role of carbon even 10 years ago.

Artists as Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs as Artists

Though Adrienne Callander is an assistant professor of art and entrepreneurship, she challenges the separation of these two processes.

Giant Kangaroo Had Crushing Bites

Skull biomechanics of a giant extinct kangaroo indicate the animal had feeding behaviors more like a giant panda than modern-day kangaroo.

Pressure to Help May Harm Organizations

A new study shows that the pressure to help coworkers might be causing harm to organizations.

New Books By U of A Faculty

Recently published works by UA faculty in history, law, and curriculum and instruction.

Zahn Newest U of A Arkansas Research Alliance Scholar

Justin Zhan, professor of data science, is the newest inductee to the Arkansas Research Alliance Academy.

Climate Change Could Cause Drought in Wheat-Growing Areas

Areas worldwide could see simultaneous, severe and prolonged droughts by the end of the century.

Snow Named Director of Technology Ventures

David Snow will be at the forefront of the university’s drive to protect and commercialize the groundbreaking work of its innovators.

University Relations Science and Research Team

University Relations Science and Research Team

Matt McGowan
science and research writer

Robert Whitby
science and research writer

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