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The New Factory

Meet the AMBOTs, mobile 3D printing vehicles designed to work in swarms to create products that stretch the limits of traditional 3D printers, such as aircraft. U of A engineering researchers have started a company based on these robots to realize their vision of producing "anything for anyone, on demand and inexpensively."

Trees Talk

Tree rings can tell the history of the earth's environment, and the trees of the Amazon Basin ecosystem provide important clues about our world and its future.

Forces at Work

From the office psychopath to the tyranny of email, Lauren Simon studies the forces at work in the workplace.

Limitless Power

Graphene as a source of limitless power? This physicist has found a way to harness the power of graphene in a way that could power pacemakers and other devices without the need for charging.

Stronger Hips

Micro-dimples on the surface of artificial hip joints improve movement, protect against wear and extend the life of these prostheses.

Shifting Deforestation

Global deforestation has shifted from Brazil to Southeast Asia, and with one-fourth of forest loss permanent, global deforestation is not slowing down.

Avoiding Radiation

Some cancer tumors are resistant to radiation treatment. Clinical trials are testing new imaging techniques that could reveal when radiation may work, and went it won’t.

Life on Mars

Is life on Mars possible? Some types of life could survive the harsh conditions found on the planet.

Signature Research Areas

Researchers at the U of A are advancing the data revolution, improving health and community vibrancy and innovating for a resilient and sustainable future.

University Relations Science and Research Team

University Relations Science and Research Team

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