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Ability to Perceive Perfect Pitch Is More Common Than Previously Thought

New research finds that perception of absolute pitch in music is far more common that previously thought, challenging conventional wisdom that the ability to detect perfect pitch is rare. University of Arkansas music professor Elizabeth Margulis and two colleagues at Tel Aviv University in Israel published their findings this month in the journal Music Perception. A classic study in music psychology established that most people make sense of music in terms of relative pitch, or where notes are placed in relation to a central note. The corollary notion has been that only a few people – one in 10,000...

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Researchers to Develop Electrostatic Discharge Protection

University of Arkansas engineering professors Zhong Chen and Simon Ang will collaborate with researchers at Texas Instruments and the University of Texas at Dallas to develop computer chips with mechanisms that protect integrated circuits from damage due to electrostatic discharge. Their work will improve the robustness and reliability of computers, tablets and cell phones – any device equipped with high-speed interface ports, such as USB-C and HDMI ports – and protect them from damage due to human and machine handling, lightning and other kinds of electrostatic discharge events. Electrostatic discharge occurs when two electrically charged objects come into contact...

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Researchers Discover Mechanism That Controls Bone Formation and Function

An international, multidisciplinary research team, including an engineering professor at the University of Arkansas, has discovered a mechanism that controls the formation and function of plate-like nanocrystals that play a critical role in bone composition. The researchers’ discovery, published in the May 2017 issue of Biomaterials, advances the field of tissue engineering and could lead to the creation of a synthetically produced biomaterial to replace bones. Arun Nair, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, contributed to the project by generating computational models at the nanometer scale. A nanometer is about the width of two silicon atoms. The simulations were performed...

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Arts and Humanities Seed Grants Will Help Fund Movie, Recording, Art and More

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development has awarded faculty research grants through its annual Arts and Humanities Seed Grant Program. The $25,000 program provided five awards of $5,000 each to tenure-track faculty engaged in scholarly and/or creative activity in the arts and humanities. In selecting grant recipients, the award committee prioritized projects for which external funding opportunities are limited. The five funded projects for 2017 are: A world-premiere recording of Florence Price’s violin concertos. Price, a Little Rock native who died in 1953, was the first black woman to be recognized as a major...

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