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Building Worlds in a Tank

Why is one planet uninhabitable while life thrives on its virtual twin? What was Earth like before the atmosphere contained oxygen? Can liquid water, and therefore possibly life, exist in a place that rarely sees temperatures above freezing? To answer these questions, researchers at the W.M. Keck Laboratory for Planetary Simulation build tiny worlds in steel tanks.  

Reducing Rice's Carbon Footprint

Scientists and farmers work together on a way to grow rice that uses less water and produces less greenhouse gas. 

'There's an Archeological Site here'

Students and researchers piece together Arkansas' past at a 700-year-old site.

Watering Arkansas' Autism 'Therapy Desert'

Children in rural Arkansas with autism aren't being diagnosed in time to receive life-changing therapy and services. The Delta Autism Project is working to change that.

$4.6 Million Award Creates Program to Train Cybersecurity Professionals

The program will provide the knowledge and tools necessary to protect network and computer systems in three critical industries – cybersecurity, transportation security and infrastructure security.

Electrical Energy from Ethanol

Researcher helps develop a highly efficient catalyst that could unlock the potential of this renewable fuel.

Ancient Giants

Tracking down eastern North America's oldest known trees.

A New Way of Seeing

Imaging technique could help doctors detect heart defects in infants and small children.

Tracking a New Ebola Virus 

The strain, which does not infect humans, is more widespread than first thought.

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University Relations Science and Research Team

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