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Pay Transparency: Walton College Professor Studies How, When It Works

The work I do provides many opportunities to learn new words, but what I really enjoy is being introduced to a word that immediately explains a concept or phenomenon that everyone knows about and yet doesn’t have a word for. It happens almost every time I start a new project. The most recent example is “transparency,” a word I associate with openness or ethical practices or behavior in government and business. In a study published in Strategic Management Journal and discussed recently in the Harvard Business Review, Jason Ridge, assistant professor of management in the Sam M. Walton College of Business, and co-authors Aaron...

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Just Exactly What Are These Fossils Found in the Ozarks?

A few weeks ago, with help from geology professor Steve Boss, I wrote about the geological evolution of the Ozarks. Boss explained how this massive geographical area, which stretches from near St. Louis in the northeast all the way down to the Arkansas River in the south, lifted out of a shallow sea. This process occurred over a very long geological period more than 200 million years ago. Soon after we published this blog post, a friend of mine told me he’d found some impressive fossils in bluff strata near Wesley, 15 miles east of Fayetteville. He brought home...

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National Lab Day Raises Question: What’s a National Lab?

April 18 was National Lab Day at the University of Arkansas. Which raises the question: What, exactly, is a National Lab? The array of 17 National Labs, part of the U.S. Department of Energy, are where the United States seeks answers to the most critical scientific questions of our time. From energy independence, to nuclear safety, to defense, to elemental work in physics, biosciences and computing, big science happens in National Labs. Los Alamos National Laboratory was the first, and it came into being during World War II for a single purpose: to develop the atomic bomb. After the...

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