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Crowdfunding Pitches as Genre Writing

One U of A researcher is studying a new – and unique – genre of writing: successful crowdfunding pitches. Adam Pope, visiting assistant professor of English in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences, has developed a technique for analyzing successful crowdfunding pitches using the same methods used with other professional writing genres. He explains his technique and methods of teaching it to writing students in his article, “Understanding the Writing Demands of Crowdfunding Campaigns with the Genre-Mapping Report,” published in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. For his research, Pope focused specifically on pitches for funding independent...

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Crunching the Climate Change Numbers

Earlier this week, an international team of 42 researchers, including John Tipton, assistant professor of mathematical sciences at the University of Arkansas, published an analysis of changes in vegetation after the last ice age in the journal Science. They found that rising temperatures caused dramatic changes in Earth’s vegetation, which suggests that warming from climate change could have a similar effect in the future. The team, which was led by researchers at the University of Arizona, looked at previously published data from 594 sites, covering every continent except Antarctica. In order to compare the different records, they classified the...

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Fungi and Fire: Studying How Prescribed Burns Affect the Forest

Prescribed burning, also called controlled burning, is a widely used forest management technique in Northwest Arkansas. The fire burns away much of the litter layer (dead leaves and small twigs) on the forest floor. Logs and other pieces of dead wood can be burned to some extent, but the usual effect of the fire is to leave at least the larger pieces charred. The ecological effects of prescribed burning on forests are not completely understood because the appropriate studies have never been carried out. Steven Stephenson, a research professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and an expert in the...

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