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It’s Opera, It’s Theater, It’s Ballet … On A Football Field

When watching a good marching band morph from one figure into another during halftime, it’s easy to forget all of the work that goes into making an intricate art and science look effortless. “That’s what makes it fun,” said W. Dale Warren, professor of music and senior wind band conductor. “When it’s done well, the marching drill becomes an extension of the music. We enhance and interpret the music for our audience.” Warren has been helping people “see the music” since he was a sophomore in high school. “I stumbled into it, really,” he said. “My high school band...

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ΨΥΧΗΣ ΙΑΤΡΕΙΟΝ: Healing Place of the Soul

  One evening in May 2012, classics professor Daniel Levine spoke at the public library in Fayetteville, Ark., about what the ancient Greeks can tell us about returning warriors and the people who wait for them. “Ancient Greek literature is a useful tool to help understand the struggles of modern war veterans, because ancient war veterans, who know from firsthand personal experiences what it was like to fight and be away from home for long periods of time, composed most of it,” Levine said. “Their anxieties and struggles, expressed in ancient epics and tragedies, resonated with their audiences, which...

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No Detail Too Small ~ No Idea Too Large

It’s one of the oldest stories on Broadway: talented guy from the hinterlands succeeds on the Great White Way only to discover what is so special about home. Michael Riha reprised this story in 2011 when he spent one harried month as the assistant designer for a Broadway play and a Met opera. Riha, who teaches set design in the drama department at the University of Arkansas, signed on with Tony Award-winning designer Christine Jones to help with set design for a Broadway revival of On a Clear Day You Can See Forever and for a staging of Rigoletto...

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An Act of Discovery

Poetry means different things to different people. For University of Arkansas professor and poet Michael Heffernan, it is an act of discovery. The journey that he knows as poetry has spanned over five decades and led to the publishing of nine books, with a tenth due out in the spring. His act of discovery began in May 1958 when he was a sophomore in a Jesuit high school in Michigan. The educators at the school believed in a firm base in the classics and emphasized Latin and Greek teachings and languages. The Latin metrics fascinated him. While studying Virgil’s...

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Theater and the Human Heart

As an undergraduate piano performance major, Amy Herzberg spent many hours practicing alone. But because she enjoyed the collaborative efforts of theater, Herzberg decided drama was something she “couldn’t live without.” She describes her involvement in theater as having no true “beginning” but rather as something that “just was.” Since then, the University of Arkansas professor of drama has been actress and director for several plays, including Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Doubt and Cabaret. “In several productions I’ve been involved in, I’ve gotten letters afterwards, and people have come up to tell me that it has in some way changed...

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