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Author: Will Bryan

Climate Changes We Respond

Looking back on the record heat of 2012, Research Frontiers asked a cross-section of University of Arkansas faculty to look forward to the mid-21st century. How is climate change affecting their field of study and their own research? Taken together, their responses offer a glimpse at how diverse disciplines are addressing a more turbulent future. Jean Henry associate professor of community health promotion department of health, human performance and recreation While physical impacts of climate change can be clearly observed, one impact that is often overlooked is the link between climatic and environmental change and emotional and mental health...

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Dwindling Delicacy: Tuna

For thousands of years there has been no bigger prize to catch than the tuna. These large, muscular fish are a source of income for fishermen and a delicacy for those fortunate to afford them. Over the past seven years, University of Arkansas professor of classical studies, Daniel Levine, has dived into the ocean of knowledge to catch the story of the tuna during the time the Greeks dominated the Mediterranean. Along the way, he found something else swimming in his nets: a plight that is causing this one-time king of the sea to be on the verge of...

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Going Cocoa

In the West African country of Ghana, millions of dollars are being poured in to train the government and farmers to help pull the country out of poverty. Thousands of miles away in Fayetteville, Ark., University of Arkansas student Mike Norton applies his skills and experiences to supporting programs to increase crop yields and improve lives. Norton, a junior in the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, has recently been awarded a Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship grant to continue this research. In the fall of 2010, Norton attended a lecture about development in low-income countries by...

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A Different View

One student’s perspective on changing a visually impaired world. Students on campus are working on projects covering a vast range of topics from trying to unlock the mysteries of the universe to prolonging the shelf life of meat. Elizabeth Phillips, a recent architecture graduate, worked on something closer to home and even closer to her heart. Her honor’s thesis project was aimed at helping those with visual impairments navigate more easily through spaces, such as sporting arenas and convention centers. It is something that Elizabeth herself has difficulty with. “I, myself, have a visual impairment that really affects my...

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An Act of Discovery

Poetry means different things to different people. For University of Arkansas professor and poet Michael Heffernan, it is an act of discovery. The journey that he knows as poetry has spanned over five decades and led to the publishing of nine books, with a tenth due out in the spring. His act of discovery began in May 1958 when he was a sophomore in a Jesuit high school in Michigan. The educators at the school believed in a firm base in the classics and emphasized Latin and Greek teachings and languages. The Latin metrics fascinated him. While studying Virgil’s...

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