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Author: DeLani Bartlette

Thirst Might Not Be the Best Indicator of Whether You’re Hydrated

When it comes to staying hydrated, “just drink when you’re thirsty” has been a rule of thumb for years. Yet a recent study by University of Arkansas researchers may prove that thirst alone is not a reliable indicator of proper hydration levels. In the study, “Dehydration Impairs Performance, Regardless of Thirst,” published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Stavros Kavouras, director of the Hydration Science Lab at the U of A, and his team studied seven cyclists exercising in hot, dry conditions. The cyclists were “blinded” to their hydration status by the use of a...

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Research Suggests Creative People Do Not Excel in Cognitive Control

A recent study by a University of Arkansas researcher, Darya Zabelina, assistant professor of psychology, takes a new approach to measuring the association between creativity and cognitive control, that is, the mind’s ability to override impulses and make decisions based on goals, rather than habits or reactions. Her research shows that people who have creative achievements do not engage in any more or less cognitive control than less creative people. This contradicts previous research, which relied on laboratory tests, rather than real-life achievements, to measure creativity. Zabelina and co-author Giorgio Ganis of Plymouth University set out to compare the cognitive...

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Muslims May be a Minority in China, But They Play a Big Part in its Foreign Policy

Kelly Hammond studies Muslims in China. While China and its Muslim population might seem a world away, Kelly Hammond, assistant professor in the Department of History, believes it is important for the US to know more about one of our largest trading partners. “It’s a massive player in world politics,” she says. “Also a lot of business is done there, and they have a big soft-power arm.” Hammond first became interested in Chinese Muslims when she was an undergraduate student studying history and political science at Bishop’s University in Québec. She had moved to China to study and teach...

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