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Author: Camilla Shumaker

Center for Communication Research

The Center for Communication Research supports the diverse research in the Department of Communication and provides resources for collaborative, interdisciplinary projects. The center includes a recently renovated research lab, located in Kimpel Hall, with nine independent research spaces. This lab features state-of-the-art technology to support a wide variety of research. The lab includes a large space for focus groups, as well as smaller seating areas for researchers to conduct dyadic research–the study of interactions between two people. These sessions can be recorded with unobtrusive and portable audio and video equipment, and the lab can also provide iPads to use for data collection. Researchers can collect real-time reactions with dials that subjects use to record their perceptions moment-by-moment. Groups of up to 15 people can watch videos in the lab’s comfortable viewing room, which features cable television and a DVR. The lab also features hardware that can record, save, search, clip and share live television.   For researchers interested in physiological reactions, this lab includes technology that can capture heart rate, blood pressure, skin conductivity and other measurements. It also features a computer station with behavior and eye-tracking technology to record how subjects interact with digital content.  The lab also has software for qualitative data analysis and content analysis. Here is a detailed list of the technology and facilities at the Center for Communication Research: Spaces for focus groups and dyadic research Viewing room...

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