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Author: Camilla Shumaker

Arkansas Poll Finds Arkansans Support Some LGBT Civil Rights But Not Others

The poll also included questions on the death penalty, campaign finance and other issues. The 19th annual Arkansas Poll released today found that 84 percent of Arkansans think that gay and lesbian individuals should have equal rights to employment, and 78 percent think these individuals should have equal rights when it comes to housing. Significantly fewer support equal treatment in adoption (43 percent) and marriage (35 percent). Briana Kordsmeier, public policy graduate student; Geoboo Song, assistant professor of political science, and others offered a battery of questions in this year’s poll about attitudes toward the treatment of gays and...

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This U of A Invention Is Used by the Post Office Every Day

A device invented by U of A engineers can recognize these barcodes, no matter where they appear on the envelope. The wide area bar code reader allows the U.S. Postal Service to process mail faster and more efficiently than previous methods. The reader was developed by University of Arkansas engineering professors J.E. Bass, Randy Brown and Dwight Mix in 1991. Mix explained that Bass brought the idea to the university, proposing that the U of A take part in a large research endeavor sponsored by the Postal Service. Universities and research labs across the country were working on the...

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Researchers Explore How Chewing Affects Teeth on the Nanoscale

This image shows the nanoscale crystallites that make up tooth enamel before and after researchers applied pressure. Food leaves permanent traces on teeth. Cows chewing on grass, tigers tearing up a piece of raw meat and humans munching on tortilla chips all end up with tiny scratches and nicks on the enamel of their teeth. Examining these marks on the microscale — what researchers call “microwear” — has led to new discoveries about the nature of teeth and the diet of our human ancestors. Now a team of researchers has taken an even closer look at teeth and documented...

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