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Author: Bettina Lehovec

Professor Explores Gender Identity in Post-Conflict Societies

Erika Almenara was 12 when the violence of the Shining Path militant group moved beyond the Andean highlands to the capital city of Lima, Peru. A bomb exploded near her father’s store and the family walked there at night to assess the damage. Almenara saw responders pulling body parts from the wreckage and loading them into police cars. One man carried a dismembered head. Just as troubling was the culture of uncertainty that marked the next decade of her life, said Almenara, assistant professor of Latin American Literature and Culture for the World Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department in...

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Ability to Perceive Perfect Pitch Is More Common Than Previously Thought

New research finds that perception of absolute pitch in music is far more common that previously thought, challenging conventional wisdom that the ability to detect perfect pitch is rare. University of Arkansas music professor Elizabeth Margulis and two colleagues at Tel Aviv University in Israel published their findings this month in the journal Music Perception. A classic study in music psychology established that most people make sense of music in terms of relative pitch, or where notes are placed in relation to a central note. The corollary notion has been that only a few people – one in 10,000...

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