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Author: Amy Schlesing

Searching for the Origin of Man’s Best Friend

The 2017 summer season of Field Notes is underway with researchers from music and physics to anthropology and biological sciences headed across the globe to further their research. Peter Ungar, Distinguished Professor of anthropology and director of the Environmental Dynamics Program at the University of Arkansas, has begun his field work season in the Czech Republic, where he’s working with a team of researchers on a project close to many people’s hearts – the domesticated dog. Ungar is working with an international team to look into when dogs were domesticated. He and his colleagues are poring over the extensive canid...

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Study on oral health of the Hadza, the last hunter-gatherers in Africa, challenges long-held conventional wisdom about diet and oral health.

Findings from the first comprehensive study on the oral health of a population in transition from a foraging, wild-food diet to an agriculture-based diet indicate that oral health is affected not just by diet, but also by gender and behavior differences between men and women. Peter Ungar, Distinguished Professor of anthropology at the University of Arkansas, and Alyssa Crittenden, Lincy Assistant Professor of anthropology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, worked with New York dentist, John Sorrentino, on the research published today in the journal PloS One. “The transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture is routinely associated...

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