Arkansas, Arkansas: Writers and Writings from the Delta to the Ozarks

John Caldwell Guilds, editor

University of Arkansas Press

Book_Arkansas_Arkansas_3From the flatlands of the delta and the Arkansas River Valley to the Ouachita Mountains and the Ozark plateau, Arkansas is filled with geographic variation and inspirational vistas. A new collection edited by English professor John Caldwell Guilds proves that Arkansas’ literary landscape is equally varied and just as inspiring.

The two-volume anthology Arkansas, Arkansas encompasses the whole of Arkansas literary history, from the expeditionary journals of Hernando de Soto to the poetry of Maya Angelou. It includes more than 1,000 pages of selections, some penned by writers living in the state, others written about it. Entries range from biographies to poems, histories, journals, travel writings and fictional stories.

Guilds arranged the anthology in chronological order, with the first volume representing the exploration of Arkansas and its progression to territory and statehood. Authors include Henry Dumas and John Gould Fletcher.

The second volume contains poetry and prose from the past 25 years, illustrating the proliferation of talent that has made Arkansas a player on the literary stage. Authors such as Bill Harrison, Leon Stokesbury, Barry Hannah, J. William Fulbright and Ellen Gilchrist ensure that the state’s literary heritage is as indelible and rich as the land itself.

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