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Anger, Aggression, and Interventions for Interpersonal Violence

Anger, Aggression, and Interventions for Interpersonal Violence

Edited by Timothy A. Cavell and Kenya T. Malcolm

Psychologists Timothy A. Cavell and Kenya T. Malcolm have revisited the age-old question of the role of anger in human relationships with a 21st century eye. Offering a “state-of-the-science” analysis of what is known about the relation between anger and aggression, their book aims to enhance the efforts of clinical practitioners and points the way to further research.

Because recent research has focused on either anger or aggression, current treatments usually target one behavior or the other. For their book, Cavell and Malcolm called on researchers with diverse viewpoints to wrestle with the relation between anger and aggression. To guide future research, they identified key themes that emerged.

They noted that there is little agreement on how to define or measure anger, a question central to how clinicians understand and treat clients prone to anger and violence. They found agreement with the notion that “plumbing deeper” into the nature of the relation between anger, aggression and treatment of violence should yield valuable insights for researchers and practitioners.

Many questions remain for understanding and developing integrated treatments for anger and aggression.

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