Arkansas 180: Virtual Hampson Museum

Technology brings unseen artifacts to public eye You can now visit museums or conduct archeological research in your pajamas, thanks to researchers at the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies. Th...

Preserving Pingualuit

Geosciences professor Sonja Hausmann and an international team of researchers took ski-doos and sleds to Lake Pingualuit in northern Quebec to study core samples from its waters.

Hands-on Learning

Elementary and middle school students participate in hands-on science learning projects. Teachers talk about what their students have learned from their involvement with this university-based program...

Sustaining Petra

As tourists visit this World Heritage Site, recently named one of the Seven Wonders of the World, they literally wear the sandstone away beneath their feet.

Solar Boat Race

During Solar Splash 2007, students worked with professors to research, design and develop solar-powered boats and competed against colleges from all over the world for the world championship.

Tuba Physics

Justin Mitchell: So I’m going to try to explain a little about how tubas work, but before I do that I want to do two other things. I want to describe how sound works, and then I want to describe a li...

Arkansas 180: Teaching & Research

“Hi. Last September my office released a short video about the importance of putting students first. In this installment of Arkansas 180, I would like to talk about how teaching and research fit into...